Tuesday, September 30, 2008


How much ,and what is the line that "we" can forgive ?Forgive our tress passers just what does that mean?Do we forgive all that has been wrong done to us? when do we "not" turn the other cheek,to stand up for the truth ,even if it could cost you ? When some one lies about you ,and is still is doing it over and over... what do you do to stop it?and still forgive?Or can you?

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well the cooler weather will be here soon! Fall is here & Halloween will be here soon ,so how will you Decorate your home?Why not share your ideals.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Teach Old Dog new tricks

To day I worked on my home page ! What a time I had ,trying to understand it,and still cant get my pic. to load. I will keep trying,,,This "old" dog will learn how to do it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


K ...I'll try again, while sitting on my back porch, seeing the oak trees swaying in the wind ,soft and kind,and forgiving just living for each day,it put a Smile on my face. one that I lost so long ago. knowing that they had been through so much over the years, fire ,drought and floods ,and abuse! But they still stand so tall and so strong! Swaying in the wind,holding on! Yes that made me smile!Just seeing that took me back to days that I smiled ever day ,just watching my children..Over the years as they grew up "as I wanted them to do"to have family's of there own I got lost ,I could not see them each day,and guess I kinda lost my smile .But I know that I did not lose them just my self... But in the "oaks"I seen that there is life ,there is ALLWAYS something to Smile about, ect. A birthday that your child never forgets,the hug that she gives you and says "mom" I love you! "oh" yes A Smile is all we need ..........so each day even it's A bad day find that SMILE ....And soon Smiles will come to you , with out you even looking for them!