Friday, November 28, 2008

Old Fashion Christmas

I love Christmas, I love the music the smells,"etc."As a child we did not have much, no big Christmas dinner, and we was lucky to get a gift..I remember each Christmas ! But we always had A Tree! When we lived in TX. It was an ceder tree while living in Fla. A pine ! They smell so nice! And my father cut them down..When I had children I was afraid that the lights would cause them to start a fire so I went with the "fake" ones.They are nice I like them...We can use them over and over!Well last year I bought one I been wanting for years!One that had lights already on it!I was so happy with it ! but while we was moving some of our Christmas "stuff" was lost, we could not replace our thee with a new one.So I went out and cut one !!Its not an real good one but it did remind of my child hood Christmas!! and my husband say"s it looks good to me! so ill leave it up.. So go back to the best years that you remember and have a great Christmas!!!


Angie said...

I think your tree is perfect!

Nancy M. said...

We didn't have enough money to buy a tree this year, so we cut one off the land too. I hope it will look alright once we get it set up today.